Cat Flaps for Patio Doors

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Katzenklappen-Adapter-Kit für Wände und Glasscheiben – Weiß (361W)Katzenklappen-Adapter-Kit für Wände und Glasscheiben – Weiß (361W)

Patio Door Cat Flaps FAQs

You will need to cut a hole in your patio door to install a glass door cat flap but once done, the installation process is simple. Place the two sides of the cat flap and any weather shield either side of your door, insert the fixings either side and tighten until the cat flap is secure.

Test the flap a few times to ensure free movement and then introduce your cat to their new flap!

The cat flap will keep the majority of the wind and rain outside. In particularly exposed areas or doors that face the weather, you may have wind and rain ingress on particularly bad days.

Cat flaps have to balance keeping the weather out with not being so strong that the cat cannot use it. We think the Glass Fitting Cat Flap and the Large Glass Fitting Cat Flap offer the best balance between being easy to use for your cat and being weatherproof.

Both our cat flaps use brushed edges between the flap and the housing to minimise noise. We have all been around cat flaps that make noise when your cat flies through and we didn’t want that for our customers. That’s why both of our cat flaps are designed to be quiet in operation.

Both cat flaps are designed for cats but the Large Glass Fitting Cat Flap may be able to accommodate small dogs too. The diameter of the hole is 283mm, so if your dog is small enough, they may be able to use the flat along with your cat.

For larger dogs, we recommend dedicated dog flaps as their size reflects the larger size of the animal.

Both cat flaps sold by Closer Pets are made of tough polymer designed to handle the worst of the British climate. We guarantee the quality of these cat flaps for 3 years and use them ourselves so have no hesitation in recommending them to you too!

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