Cat Flaps for UPVC Doors

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Microchip Katzenklappe – Dunkelgrau (CP 360G)Microchip Katzenklappe – Dunkelgrau (CP 360G)
Mikrochip-Katzenklappe – Weiß (CP 360W)Mikrochip-Katzenklappe – Weiß (CP 360W)
Elite Mikrochip-Katzenklappe mit Timer – Weiß (355W)Elite Mikrochip-Katzenklappe mit Timer – Weiß (355W)
Cat Mate Mikrochip-Katzenklappe (360)Cat Mate Mikrochip-Katzenklappe (360)
Drehbare 4-Wege-Katzenklappe – Weiß (358 W)Drehbare 4-Wege-Katzenklappe – Weiß (358 W)
Cat Mate Glaseinbau-Katzenklappe – Weiß (210W)Cat Mate Glaseinbau-Katzenklappe – Weiß (210W)
Elektromagnetische Katzenklappe – Weiß (254 W)Elektromagnetische Katzenklappe – Weiß (254 W)
Große Katzenklappe (CP221)Große Katzenklappe (CP221)
Cat Mate Mikrochip-Katzenklappe (360B)Cat Mate Mikrochip-Katzenklappe (360B)
Cat Mate Elite I.D. Scheibenkatzenklappe mit Zeitsteuerung – Weiß (305 W)Cat Mate Elite I.D. Scheibenkatzenklappe mit Zeitsteuerung – Weiß (305 W)
Große Hundeklappe – Weiß (CP 216W)Große Hundeklappe – Weiß (CP 216W)
Mittelgroße Hundeklappe – Weiß (CP 215W)Mittelgroße Hundeklappe – Weiß (CP 215W)

Cat Flaps in UPVC Doors FAQs

Your cat flap will require a hole in your door, which may already be present if you’re replacing a door or will need to be cut. Once cut, insert either side of the cat flap into the hole, add any weatherproofing and use the fixings to secure the cat flap in place.

Test the door a few times to make sure it can open and close easily and then introduce your cat to their new source of freedom.

Closer Pets’ cat flaps for UPVC doors come in a range of sizes from small, all the way to large cat or small dog. Check the size of each door before ordering to make sure you have the right size for the door, any existing hole in the door and of course, your cat!

Yes, they are! Our silent cat flaps use a brush edge to stop the flap banging loudly when used. We have had those cat flaps ourselves and know all too well how unsociable cats can be when exploring the neighbourhood in the early hours!

Each silent cat flap is almost inaudible even close up. That brushed edge also gives a soft edge to the cat as they use the flap and helps keep the weather out.

A Closer Pets cat flap with microchip is an excellent way to give your own cat the freedom to explore outdoors without allowing all the neighbourhood cats to explore your indoors!

They work by using your cat’s own microchip or a disc you attach to its collar. The chip or disc is unique and will be recognised by the cat flap as belonging to your cat. All other feline visitors will find the cat flap locked, ensuring your home remains a safe place for your own cat.

They are an ingenious way to provide the freedom your cat needs with the safety they deserve.

Some of our cat flaps for UPVC doors can be locked to provide an extra layer of security while you’re not home. If your cat is also staying elsewhere, you can lock the cat flap to keep furry or human visitors out. Locks are typically a simple switch that secures the flap closed and won’t open until you disengage.

It’s an extra level of security you can use for any reason you like!

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