Will this filter be suitable for my pond?

    1. Suitability will be dependent on volume of water, fish stock, and conditions (shade/sunlight).
    2. Please see guide on carton/website
What pump is suitable to be used with this filter?
Normally in the region of a 9000 litre an hour a pump although this may vary depending on the size of your pond and fish stock.
What UVC lamp does this filter use?
13w UVC lamp
How long before the water starts to clear?
Normally the water should start to clear in 2 to 3 weeks but can take up to 1 to 2 months if the pond is very green.
Should I run the filter for 24 hours a day all year?
Yes, except when there is a risk of the water freezing. The filter and pump should then both be turned off, water emptied from the filter bucket and the pump removed from the pond. Once the water has thawed the filter and pump can be restarted
How often should I change the foams and seals?
These will deteriorate in time so should be inspected and if required changed annually
Clean water is coming out when I do a clean cycle?
    1. Has the filter been running long enough for sufficient dirt to have built up on the foams?
    2. Is the hose attached to the clean outlet running downhill, not flat or uphill?
    3. Is the pump of sufficient size for the filter?
    4. Have you carried out the test described in the instruction leaflet to determine if the foams are being compressed?
Water constantly leaks from the sludge outlet.
The sludge blanking cap must be on at all times except when performing a clean cycle.
When should I change the 13w UVC lamp?
The 13w UVC lamp should be changed every 12 months without fail. At the same time it is essential to replace the safety gaskets to ensure the electrical compartment remains watertight. The Gasket Set is available from our website (Part No. 939).
Are there Service Kits available?
Yes, these are available to order on our website