Why is the rotor not turning?
Check the rotor the correct way up (The text should be readable)
How do I set the current time?
Set the indicator arrow to point at the current time on the inner dial.
How do I set meal times?
Use the meal pegs on the outer dial to set meal times required.
Why is food clogging?
In humid conditions this can happen. Connecting an airline should resolve this.
Can I use this Feeder with a garden pond?
No. It is an aquarium feeder and designed for indoor use only.
How many meals can be set in 24 hours?
Up to 4 with meal pegs supplied. Up to 8 with extra meal pegs, available from our website (Part No. 902).
What food can I use?
It is designed to be used with both flakes and pellets
Can I get spare meal pegs?
Yes. Meal pegs are available to order on our website