‘Paws for Thought’ sources

When you receive your shiny new Closer Pets product(s), you’ll notice we’ve included some fun and interesting facts on the packaging - these are our Paws for Thought facts! If you'd like to know where our Paws for Thought facts have been gathered from, check out the sources below:

3-Stage Filter Cartridges

‘Dry pet food typically contains around just 10-12% water (compared to 75-78% for wet food).’

Source: https://www.petfoodinstitute.org/the-whole-bowl/z-pet-food-4-things-know-dry-pet-food/


With regular cleaning and filter replacement, pet fountains improve the taste and smell of tap water so may encourage your four-legged companion to drink more!

Source: https://www.petmeds.org/petmeds-spotlight/benefits-of-water-fountains-for-cats/